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Case Study # TH-0518

Description: The client is concerned that airborne noise (conversation, music or T.V. playing), and impact noise (footsteps / footfall or objects dropping on the floor) will be transmitted through the floor into the basement apartment.

Solution: Ceiling treatment consisting of the following:

• Sound absorbing insulation in between the joists (used to absorb sound)
• Sound isolation clips (used for decoupling one side of the structure from another, this allows each side to vibrate independently and drastically cut down the sound transfer)
• Furring channels (used to support the weight of the drywall)
• 2 layers of 5/8” Type X drywall (this drywall is dense, used for mass & fire proofing)
• Acoustic membrane in between the drywall (provides a barrier to help stop noise and vibration)
• Noise proof caulking around perimeter of drywall
(used to seal edges and seams of the drywall
and sub floor to maintain the specific
Sound Transmission Class (STC) value)

Conclusion and After-Effect:
Impact and airborne noise were reduced
to the point where speech was inaudible,
and the footfall was virtually silent.


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