• Protect Patient Confidentiality
  • Quality Sound for Recording Studios
  • Hearing too much through thin walls?
  • Protect Confidential Meetings
  • Protect Sensitive Information

    These days there is a big concern for patient privacy, customer confidentiality and for security. One potential threat to all of these could simply be thin walls, ineffective ceiling tiles, or offices where important conversations can be overheard. JAD Contracting can assess your soundproofing needs for your space and provide various options for your soundproofing solutions.

    Some examples of where soundproofing is becoming in demand:

    Office walls, Boardrooms, Conference Rooms

    Noise travelling from one office to another via the ceiling or venting systems

    Interrogation / interviewing rooms in Law enforcement facilities

    Private offices

    Psychiatrist offices

    Lawyer’s offices: client confidentiality

    Doctor’s offices: patient confidentiality

    Human Resources offices

    Music / recording studios

    Radio stations

    Areas requiring privacy, confidentiality or security

    Soundproofing of commercial loud Air Conditioning, HVAC or noisy boilers

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    Business confidentiality