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It's been an interesting year, thanks to COVID-19. With so many people staying home, working from home or learning from home, we started being more aware of the little things that have always been there but we didn't notice. Little things like the sound the pipes make when someone is using the water in the house. Little things like the sound of people's footsteps clumping around the floor above. Or maybe the sound of the noisy neighbours who didn't used to be home quite so much before.

Have you tried getting any maintenance or remodelling done in your home? Contractors are booked solid because they are still trying to catch up from those months when they couldn't do work at people's houses. The good news is that JAD Contracting is here for you! We can start with a virtual inspection to see where the noise problems are and then come to fix the problem.

JAD Contracting has the knowledge, experience, tools and the best soundproofing materials to solve your unwanted noise problems. We will enhance the sound quality in your home so you can enjoy your space the way you like it. We will work with you to provide options to meet your budget and soundproofing needs.

Now is the time to book your Soundproofing project. We're available and ready to get started. Don't delay and be stuck at home all winter with unwanted noise driving you crazy. Contact us today or schedule a Virtual Soundproofing inspection so we can diagnose the sound problems and get started sooner than later.

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