At first, people often take for granted that their space is shared or in close proximity to others. Not everyone has the same schedule or the same tastes in music. Why should you have to share those with your neighbours? Noise can interfere with your sleep, your work and your mood.

It may not bother you at first, but it doesn`t take too many times before outside noise starts to get on your nerves invade your private space. Your quality of life does not need to suffer.

We can help with noise that can be in the form of:

Neighbours heard through the walls or ceilings of condos, townhouses...

Outside traffic

Shared walls in semi-detached homes


Loud music or sound from loud televisions

Loud mechanical noises from A/C units, boilers, etc

You can E-mail or call us today for a consultation. (Site inspection charges may apply) A full credit of the site inspection charge will be refunded upon signed authorization of the proposal.

Our 17 years’ experience and connections to the industry’s finest soundproofing manufacturers insures you and your home will receive the best possible care. When we’re done, your eyes might not see the difference but your ears will! And so will your piece of mind.

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Silence is Golden: Peace of Mind